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it’s been a long time since my last post, but now I’m back with some news: cherry_chan24 and I opened a fanfic community for our stories. Well, for now, it’s still just “Joker’s Game” ^^ but with all the ideas that we have in mind, others will definitely follow.

So, for all who are interested, here’s the link to the community: blueberrydraft
All posts are open for now, so enjoy reading! :)

We also posted the third chapter of “Joker’s Game” today, so here’s the link to the chapter, too: Joker's Game - Chapter 3: Determination. I hope you'll like it! :)
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[New fic] Joker's Game

We did it! :D

cherry_chan24 and I posted the first two chapters - or should I say prologues - of our story "Joker's Game".

The story is about Akame who try to arrest a man known as "the Joker" (guess who's that ;) ). But they soon must learn that the Joker isn't an easy opponent and that they are all part of a game they just barely understand. Then Kame gets caught by the Joker and Jin has to give his all to safe him.

You can read the story at cherry_chan24's journal: Here's the link to the 1st prologue.

It's our first bigger project. We already had the idea for the plot and the title a while ago and at that time, we also wrote the drafts of the prologues. And now that we started writing again, we decided to share them. The first chapter is nearly finished, too, so it should be up soon ;)

I really hope you'll like it! :)
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[New fic] Peaceful house sharing

Hello everyone :)

cherry_chan24 and I finally posted our first KAT-TUN fanfic. It is a short story that we wrote some time ago when Koki was still a member of the group, so he is still a KAT-TUN member in our story.
The story portrays the funny living together of the KAT-TUN members and if you read it, you’ll see that nothing ever happens as planned for the members.

If you’re interested, you can read on at cherry_chan24’s journal. I hope you’ll like it! :)
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Welcome to my journal! :)

For starters, a short introduction about me and my journal:

I’m a Johnny’s fan and one of my favorite hobbies is to write fanfics about the boys, so this journal will focus on my stories. My favorite groups are KAT-TUN and Arashi and my stories are mostly about them. But I like to include as much Johnny’s boys in my stories as possible ;)
Lately, I’m also interested in some Korean idols and actors and I think that some of them will appear in one or another story in the future – especially Jang Geun Suk.

I’m writing most of my stories together with cherry_chan24. For now, we decided to post them on her journal, but I will keep track of the stories’ progress in my journal, too. Currently, we’re working on a multi-chapter story about KAT-TUN and I think that we’ll be able to post the first chapters not too far in the future ;)

I’m also writing a story on my own at the moment, but because I’m focusing on our collaborations for now, it will be still some time before it will reach a point at which I can think about publishing it. First, I want to wait if I can write more than the first few chapters, because I think that nothing is more frustrating than a story that never ends.

I don’t know if I will use my journal for other things than the fanfics, too, but if I decide to, these posts will probably be friends-locked. Just the fanfic posts will stay open for everyone.

So, that's all about me for now. Enjoy your stay! :)
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